January 17, 2017


Aikido Taekwondo : The History of Forest City Tae Kwon Do Club

In 1987, the practitioners of various different martial arts joined together to create a new martial art that drew heavily from Aikido TaeKwonDo; and formed the Art of Seikido. (For a full history of Seikido, see this site.)

On November 6, 1987, 'The School of True Self Defence - Seikido' (now 'World Seikido') was founded in London, Ontario. The goal of this organization was to teach this new art to any who were interested.

The response from the community was very encouraging as many students enrolled in the school. Over time, some of those initial students who had attained their black belts chose to open their own schools in order to further expand the art.

It became apparent that there would need to be some kind of legal framework in order to allow the art of Seikido to continue its rapid growth. To fill that role, on June 15, 1992, Forest City Tae Kwon Do Club was incorporated as a non-profit corporation in the province of Ontario. (Ontario Corporation Number 0972924)

From its humble beginnings, Forest City Tae Kwon Do Club has grown to meet the needs of the ever expanding art of Seikido. The organization hosts yearly events such as the summer picnic and the winter awards banquet. In conjunction with the World Seikido Orgainization, a yearly open tournament is hosted at Clarke Road Secondary School in London.

It is through these endevors that the organization has positioned itself to better serve its members and the art of Seikido for many years to come.