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  • Do I have to have experience in Martial Arts?
    Not at all! Everyone starts at the beginning by learning basic techniques. Programs are designed for youth and the young at heart.
  • If I'm not sure I'm going to like Martial Arts, can I try it first?
    Yes, all schools are more than willing to offer trial sessions. You just need to wear comfortable clothing. Bring a friend, it's always nicer to have a buddy with you.
  • Who is Forest City Tae Kwon Do?
    Forest City Tae Kwon Do is a Not-for-Profit Organization that has serviced the London, Ontario area or over 30 years!
  • What kind of fees can I expect?
    Fees are very reasonable and can be answered by the Head Instructor at signup. Additional fees may include the cost of uniform, sparring gear, boards for breaking and testing fees.
  • Who would I contact?
    You can reach out through our contact section or call directly to the Head Instructor under the Locations Section.
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